Django security for novices

Speaker: Ronald Maravanyika

Track: Web

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 06 (Fri): 09:45

Duration: 0:45

Have you ever developed a Django application and you wonder if your application is secure, then you end up second guessing yourself, eventually you end up getting cold feet and your project never see the light of day, well if you have this talk is for you. In this talk we will look at how to use guard rails that Django provides in order to build a secure application.

Django generally has security in mind as a priority however, one has to know these security aspects in order to implement them as well as avoid removing these controls, this talk will unbutton several security components and tools that are provided by Django and how to use them. Furthermore this talk will highlight best practices that can be implemented within the Django framework before deployment. Last we will look at tools that you can use to check if your web application is working as a starting point.

At the end of the talk attendees should be able to identify security tools provided by Django and should be able to use them. Attendees will also be able to know where to look for the most common web security vulnerabilities.


Python Software Foundation
Thinkst Canary Afrolabs