Garbage Collection in Python

Speaker: Elijah Okello

Track: Teaching and Learning with Python

Type: Remote Talk

Room: Talk Room 3 (Remote Talks)

Time: Oct 13 (Thu): 14:00

Duration: 0:45

In this talk I will be talking about how python implements garbage collection and the different algorithms it employs while doing so. I will talk about it's garbage collection strategy and explore how other implementations of python like pypy, IronPython and Jython do garbage collection.

This talk is intended for all interested pythonistas whether beginner or experienced python programmers. It will provide insight on how the python language runtime works and the way things happen under the hood.

The people in attendance will get to know how the python GC(Garbage Collector) can be interacted with in python syntax. They will learn practically how to manipulate certain features of the garbage collector and also learn best practices for optimal results while programming in python


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