Toolsmithing: convenience through code

Speaker: Jeremy Thurgood

Track: Infrastructure / DevOps

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 06 (Fri): 11:00

Duration: 0:45

The work we do, and life in general, is full of all kinds of tedious, repetitive tasks which would be so much quicker and easier if only there were a tool to handle the boring bits.

Building tools to automate common tasks and fill the gaps where existing tools don't quite do what you need can save a whole lot of time and effort, and it's usually not all that difficult to do.

In this talk I'll walk through the design and implementation of a handful of tools I've built, from tiny shell scripts to moderately complex cluster configuration managers. Along the way I'll discuss why I decided to build them, what problems they solve, and a bit about the implementation.

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