Don't make me think! The UX of your code

Speaker: Johan Beyers

Track: Other

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 13 (Thu): 14:00

Duration: 0:45

At Takealot, we have many teams building microservices that interface with each other. Making our codebases and interfaces easy to use and understand requires discipline, but it's easier to do when we follow a few guidelines. This talk will show some of the things we have learned, together with maybe-fictional examples from our own repositories.

It's aimed at all levels of Python experience, and should be an interesting view on how small improvements can have big gains for a team. Along the way, you'll learn why a float called discount is a bad idea, how long an event with the same start and end date is, and the special meaning of 1 and 3 within Takealot.


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