There is a Snake in my Explorer: The power of Python in (almost) any browser.

Speaker: Max Dittmar

Track: Web

Type: Talk

Broad access to programming and the way it enables whole new industries and vast new views on condensing meaning out of information, even the powerful tools that Python enables is now becoming more and more of a possibility for the layman in almost any web browser, making it more friendly and lowering the barrier to entry.

This talk aims to investigate and showcase a part of the discovery process of considering these new possibilities enabled by Python in your browser. These opportunities are made possible by tools like pyscript and pyodide.

For this talk, I want to consider their use in real-world applications in an engineering environment by showing an example of pyscript visualizing data in the browser, locally instead of being streamed via a hosted dashboard solution like streamlit, etc. The use-case considered potentially illustrates that having access to the power of Python to manipulate and visualize data can enable end-users and clients to make more sense of their data quicker and more efficiently even if they do not have the skills of a programmer, they still have the power of the data.

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