Clicky Maps: ill-advised cartographic visualisations

Speaker: Gordon Inggs

Track: Data Science

Type: Talk

Room: Talk Room 2

Time: Oct 14 (Fri): 09:30

Duration: 0:45

While popular, interactive cartographic maps (hereafter referred to as clicky maps) are a complex form of data visualisation, with a dizzying array of Python packages available to make these a reality. As a non-GIS specialist, I have found myself building an increasingly large and varied array of clicky maps in my work at the City of Cape Town, and so have learnt a thing or two.

Beyond describing my experiences in the form of practical best practice, I will share my thoughts on when it is appropriate or not to "spatialise". I will also demo a Python package (click-map-utils) that we at the City of Cape Town have just open sourced.

This talk will appeal to analysts who are being asked, or will be asked soon to put some data on a map. It will also be of interest to anyone who has spent too much time on Google Earth, and would like to recreate that experience, with a bit of Python in the mix.

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