Empowering Snake Charmers-in-Training

Speaker: Stefan Van der Merwe

Track: Infrastructure / DevOps

Type: Talk

How do you help a team of engineers that want to become Snake Charmers when only a handful of them even know what Python or Anaconda is? Give them a container with a Python in it and a pungi!

At Ex Mente, we live in the pyrometallurgical world, helping our clients solve difficult and complex problems by developing innovative and simple-to-use solutions through the intelligent application of science and technology. To empower our engineers to spend most of their time thinking about the problem and developing creative solutions, we need to break them free from repetitive manipulation of data in Excel spreadsheets. Now, our goal is not to turn our engineers into programmers, but rather to equip them with the right tools. To achieve this goal, we develop Python-based toolsets specifically focusing on terminal applications and automation of extensive thermochemical simulations and calculations.

This talk presents some ways that you could use Python and Python-based tools to automate repetitive tasks from simple CLI applications.

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