Python-oracledb: the new, Thin driver for Oracle Database

Speaker: Christopher Jones

Track: Other

Type: Remote Talk

Room: Talk Room 3 (Remote Talks)

Time: Oct 14 (Fri): 09:30

Duration: 0:45

Oracle recently released a major update to its Python driver for Oracle Database and gave it a new name: python-oracledb. It has a brand new 'Thin' mode that makes installation quicker, and using it simpler and faster. This talk shows how easy it now is to install and access Oracle Database using Python's standard DB API. There will be live code examples including some best practices for data fetching and insertion. Some installation and usage differences between Thin and traditional Thick mode will be discussed, so you can decide which mode suits your applications. At the conclusion is a brief discussion about using python-oracledb in some common Frameworks and ORMs.


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