An Introduction to Web Mapping (Part 1)

Speaker: Christian Christelis

Track: Web

Type: Tutorial

Room: Marathon B

Time: Oct 09 (Wed), 09:00

Duration: 4:00

This is the first half of the 2-session tutorial. It will be followed by Part 2 in the afternoon.

In a world where GPS is ubiquitous, location has become an integral component of almost all data. This means that maps, as well as, general handling of location data have become a vital component of today’s web applications.

During this tutorial you will learn the essentials of web mapping and how to set up a full map web application, both front-end and back-end.

In the morning session we will look at:

  • Fundamental GIS concepts.
  • Spatial data formats.
  • Building a basic map Leaflet front-end.
  • Rendering layers on the front-end.

In the afternoon session we will look at:

  • Serving spatial data over the web.
  • Setting up a Django Application Server and using GeoDjango.
  • Creating a API View and rendering this data in the front-end.
  • Using PostGIS, a PostgreSQL extension, as a data back-end. [Stretch objective]

This tutorial is an interactive experience which requires you to bring along a laptop to develop on.