Why you should be excited about PyGame 2

Speaker: Neil Muller

Track: Other

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 13 (Thu): 14:45

Duration: 0:45

PyGame is a popular library for developing video games with Python which provides good support for 2D graphics, audio, user input and a number of useful utilities. It is also has a long history, with the pygame 1.0 released in 2001.

PyGame 2 was released in 2020 without a great deal of fanfare.

In this talk, I'll discuss why PyGame 2 is interesting, despite the main focus being on backwards compatibility.

I'll cover some of the not so obvious improvements in PyGame 2, such as better PyPy and Android support. I'll also cover some of the new features, such as multiple window support, the new SCALED mode and some of the quality of life improvements.

The talk will include a number of demos and code examples.


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