turtle-bots: simulated beginnings

Speaker: campey

Track: Teaching and Learning with Python

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 06 (Fri): 11:45

Duration: 0:45

Continued adventures with teaching python's turtle new tricks, now heading into robotics, starting with simulation in MuJoCo/jupyter/colaboratory.

Last year David shared turtle-translated a prototype of a multilingual turtle. Since then he has spoken to many brilliant people and gotten inspired to try to get python turtle to control robots, with a goal of "lowering the floor" to get into robotics.

One significant hurdle to robotics is: getting and using robots. They are expensive and fiddly! This makes them impossibly inaccessible to under-resourced learners.

This talk will share a prototype for a really simple starting point in browser-based robotic turtle simulation (complete with live 3d rendered videos and realistic physics!), and hopefully open the door wide open for you to join in.

Python Software Foundation
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