Production-ready Flask & Django apps on Kubernetes

Speaker: Jamie Hewland

Track: Infrastructure / DevOps

Type: Talk

Room: Marathon

Time: Oct 11 (Fri), 14:15

Duration: 0:45

This talk will explain how to host Flask, Django, and other WSGI web applications on Kubernetes, making effective use of the available abstractions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Some of the benefits of running Flask & Django applications as part of a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) on Kubernetes.
  • How the abstractions Kubernetes provides can be used to replace or integrate with existing well-known tools.
  • General best practices for running Python web applications on Kubernetes.
  • Reflections on some of the widely-used Python tools for running web applications and how well they suit modern containerised deployments.

Some basic familiarity with Docker containers as well as either Flask, Django, or similar Python-based web frameworks will be helpful. The talk is aimed at people interested in migrating their existing applications to Kubernetes.