Best practices for good(ish) and clean(ish) code

Speaker: Ernesto Arbitrio

Track: Testing

Type: Remote Talk

Have you ever thought what is the cost vs revenue of a well written code and of an ugly code? Nowadays, in most companies, code bases are huge (in terms of lines of code and complexity) and the number of contributors is also high; this means that a well shaped code could benefit the company finance and the mental health of the employees (AKA software engineers).

Writing clean (and/or good) code requires discipline. This discipline can be acquired and increased during your job and doing experience with messy code, but more important is that using discipline, respecting and following some rules you can achieve elegant and efficient code.

In this talk I will cover some principles of clean code (they are too much for 30 minutes):

  • Meaningful Names
  • Formatting
  • Tests and their importance
  • Continuous Integration
  • Code Refactoring
  • Code Review
  • Boundaries

All the work contained in this talk is mostly inspired by the book Clean Code - Robert C. Martin (AKA Uncle Bob) and the experience I have made during my current job and the previous one.

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