My Journey into Buzzword Bingo

Speaker: Sibulele Hlongwane

Track: Data Science

Type: Talk

Room: Ballroom

Time: Oct 10 (Thu), 11:45

Duration: 0:45

There has been quite a bit of buzz around being a Data Scientist lately, especially in the media. And because Data Science doesn't exist on its own. It is always followed by an influx of more buzzwords such as 4th industrial revolution, AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Digital Disruption, Big Data. And the list goes on and on (Yes. That is a buzzword counter of six).

I studied Computer Science and decided to follow a Data Science route straight out of university. I unknowingly and voluntarily walked right into this world full of data and buzzwords at every turn. I have managed to survive this long so far and I would like to share my journey about my path.

This talk will cover:

  • Introduction to the world of Data Science
  • My Expectations of the field
  • Typical Data Science Life Cycle Process
  • My Data Science Toolbox
  • Skill sets & Learning Paths
  • Ignoring the hype and busting some myths

This talk is aimed at people who are interested in getting into Data Science,or are at an entry level and who would like to know about the journey of a fellow Data Scientist.

Side note: Make sure to switch on your buzzword counters at the beginning of the talk.