Jamie Hewland

Accepted Talks:

Production-ready Flask & Django apps on Kubernetes

This talk will explain how to host Flask, Django, and other WSGI web applications on Kubernetes, making effective use of the available abstractions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Some of the benefits of running Flask & Django applications as part of a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) on Kubernetes.
  • How the abstractions Kubernetes provides can be used to replace or integrate with existing well-known tools.
  • General best practices for running Python web applications on Kubernetes.
  • Reflections on some of the widely-used Python tools for running web applications and how well they suit modern containerised deployments.

Some basic familiarity with Docker containers as well as either Flask, Django, or similar Python-based web frameworks will be helpful. The talk is aimed at people interested in migrating their existing applications to Kubernetes.