Johan Beyers

Johan has been developing software for a long time, and also builds physical things. He's presented two non-award-winning talks at previous Pycons. Currently a senior engineer at Takealot.

Accepted Talks:

Don't make me think! The UX of your code

At Takealot, we have many teams building microservices that interface with each other. Making our codebases and interfaces easy to use and understand requires discipline, but it's easier to do when we follow a few guidelines. This talk will show some of the things we have learned, together with maybe-fictional examples from our own repositories.

It's aimed at all levels of Python experience, and should be an interesting view on how small improvements can have big gains for a team. Along the way, you'll learn why a float called discount is a bad idea, how long an event with the same start and end date is, and the special meaning of 1 and 3 within Takealot.

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