Leveraging python in Geospatial Applications

Speaker: Admire Nyakudya

Track: Web

Type: Talk

Room: Main Hall

Time: Oct 06 (Fri): 09:00

Duration: 0:45

Technologies like Google Maps and OpenStreetMap have put a spotlight on Geographic Information systems. Mainstream GIS activities involve geoprocessing, visualisation of data using desktop GIS and in some limited cases web GIS. Python can be used in most cases to streamline the different Geospatial processing workflows that are available in most Desktop GIS software. This talk will take users on a journey of how to process data (‎ETL- Extract transform and load vs Extract Load Transform (ELT)), store the data in a PostgreSQL database and leverage Python to publish the data into web GIS (Spatial Data Infrastructure). The second part will also explore how Python is utilized to facilitate mobile data capture. This will briefly explore how to design data capture forms and how to manage data in the field so that it can be visualized in the web GIS (Spatial data infrastructure).

Python Software Foundation
Thinkst Canary Afrolabs