PyConZA 2020


At midnight on 26 March 2020, South Africa entered full lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It's unclear when it will be safe to host in-person conferences again in South Africa, and what the state of the country will be later in the year. However, it's still six months until PyConZA 2020 was scheduled to be held, so the organizing committee has decided to wait four weeks and discuss the situation again on 22 April.

Options we're considering for PyConZA 2020 include:

  • host a smaller but fairly traditional in-person conference
  • host a smaller in-person unconference (i.e. a conference where attendees self-organize during the conference)
  • host a small in-person conference with enhanced remote participation (i.e. something more than just streaming the talks)
  • have no in-person conference, but replace it with other community events (e.g. an online conference, or other events).

If you have any ideas, thoughts or preferences, please email us at

Keep safe out there.

-- PyConZA 2020 Organizing Committee

Update (13 May 2020)

Lockdown in South Africa continues. We are considering a virtual PyConZA for 2020 and are busy preparing a survey to gather information on what sort of online event attendees would be excited about.

Update (18 May 2020)

The survey was sent out -- thank you for all of the many responses! We are not weighing our options and considering how to proceed. It seems likely that there may be some form of online PyConZA later in the year.

Update (20 May 2020)

PyConZA 2020 will take place online! More details will be forthcoming as we figure them out.