PyConZA 2020

It's official - PyConZA 2020 is happening!

The survey results are in and the overwhelming majority of us said we would attend an online PyConZA — so we're giving us one!

Are you interested in attending an online PyConZA 2020? Yes - 84.6%. Maybe - 10.6%. No - 3.3%. Other - 1.5%. Responses - 123.

When & where?

  • When: 8th & 9th October 2020
  • Where: An online platform near you!

While there are some big upsides to having PyConZA online — for example, everyone in the country and indeed outside the country can attend equally easily — there are also some potential downsides — such as missing out on hallway interactions.

We're working hard evaluating good online platforms to mitigate the potential downsides and give everyone a lot more than a collection of YouTube videos. If you have experiences attending other online conferences you'd like to share, get it touch.

Talk submissions are open!

Talk submissions have opened. Submit your talk proposal now (or at your earliest convenience) -- submit your talk.


We still need sponsors so if you or your company would like to sponsor PyConZA 2020, please take a look at our sponsorship options and let us know which option suits you best.


Tickets will still be required to attend. They'll be much cheaper than for the in-person events because the costs are lower, but we're still figuring out the details. We'll announce pricing and open ticket sales shortly after we've selected the online platform we'll be using for the conference.