Redis with Redis Labs - Sponsored by Obsidian

Speakers: Loris Cro & Quinton Parker

Track: Other

Type: Tutorial

Room: Gala A

Time: Oct 09 (Wed), 09:00

Duration: 4:00

If you’re using Redis or any other NoSQL database, and want to learn how to incorporate data structures and modules to simplify your applications, join Redis experts for a complimentary half day of tutorials and hands-on sessions.

The workshop will cover a variety of Redis Enterprise programming topics, including:

  • Intro to Redis (45m)
    • What is Redis
    • Functionalities overview
    • What problems Redis solves (use cases)
  • Hands-on with Redis Data Types (1hr 15mins)
    • Strings
    • Hashes
    • Lists
    • Sets
    • SortedSets
    • HyperLogLog
  • Using Redis from Python (1hr)
    • Connecting to Redis (redis-py)
    • Sending Commands
    • Using Pub/Sub
    • Using blocking operations
  • Tour of advanced Redis usage (1hr)
    • Introduction to Redis Streams
    • Non-blocking I/O (asyncio, aio-redis)
    • Demo of a Microservices-oriented application

At the end of the workshop, you will take away:

  • A working knowledge of Redis data structures and modules.
  • Sample code demonstrating the main uses of Redis, including Pub/Sub and other blocking operations.

We will be providing a cloud environment with all the required dependencies, but if any attendee prefers following along on their own computer, then they should arrive at the training with Python3.6+, withe latest redis-py, and Redis 5 installed.

Lunch will be provided.