Jeremy Thurgood

Jeremy has been writing Python code since before function decorators were a thing and still thinks it's a pretty cool language. When he's not hacking on a side project or reading a good book, he can often be found tinkering with the innards of some container orchestration system or other in his endless quest for The Perfect Cluster Infrastructure. He's passionate about continuous learning and tries to make at least one exciting new mistake every day.

Accepted Talks:

Toolsmithing: convenience through code

The work we do, and life in general, is full of all kinds of tedious, repetitive tasks which would be so much quicker and easier if only there were a tool to handle the boring bits.

Building tools to automate common tasks and fill the gaps where existing tools don't quite do what you need can save a whole lot of time and effort, and it's usually not all that difficult to do.

In this talk I'll walk through the design and implementation of a handful of tools I've built, from tiny shell scripts to moderately complex cluster configuration managers. Along the way I'll discuss why I decided to build them, what problems they solve, and a bit about the implementation.

Python Software Foundation
Thinkst Canary Afrolabs