Conference Venue

PyConZA 2024 is a hybrid conference. This means that we will be having an in-person conference this year, and we will be making sure that those folks who want or need to join us remotely still get a great experience.

In-person conference location

The in-person portion of the event will be hosted at the Belmont Square Conference Centre in Rondebosch.

Why allow remote attendees?

Pulling off a hybrid conference ain't easy. The team have decided to do it for a few reasons:

Firstly, many people may want to take part in the conference but might still feel unsafe. We want to include those folks. We also want to keep the door open to people who might find it challenging to travel to the conference for whatever reason, for example international guests, and folks without the finances or time to come through.

We don't want to stay fully remote because in-person conferences are just wonderful - it's always been our intention to see each other in person again.

So we are aiming for the best of both worlds. We're confident that we can do something quite special this year.

Thinkst Canary